HackDash: Putting Ideas Together, Solving Problems

We live in a perfect world for open source and free software. Social networks (like twitter or GitHub at some point) connect us and offer a perfect place to work together on fun and useful projects. A cool thing about this is that you don't have to be a Programmer in order to be a key part of a software project.

One big example is HacksHackersBA where hackers and journalists share ideas.

That was the context of the HackDash born. @blejman had an idea about a Dashboard for HacksHackersBA hackatons, and I was interested in implement that idea. If the open-source community teached me something is: If you want to show that something is useful, just do it.

So we started building the app hoping we can get to the Buenos Aires media party with something that doesn't suck.

The Media Party Hackaton day came followed by a grateful surprise. Not only the people liked the HackDash implementation but a couple of coders added the improvement of the HackDash as a Hackaton project.

After the Media Party I realized that this small app is filling a real need. The Dashboard is been used now in several ways. For example by Node.js Argentina meetup, HacksHackersBA, La Nación DataFest and HackasHackersCL (using it as a WordPress theme).

Now we are working on our free time for a new version of the web app and looking for more contributors. Feel free to contact me.

last updated on 2020-08-27