HackDash v2: Call for devs and desginers

I started HackDash about 3 years ago with the hope of improving the way Hackathon projects are followed, presented and shared. HackDash was set up as an open source project from the beginning allowing us to get amazing people contributing.

Like most Software, HackDash started as a small project and grew at different rates. We learned a lot about the problem we are attacking and have a lot of new ideas and I feel at this point is hard to make them possible with our current design and codebase.

More than 1100 dashboards and 3800 projects validate that HackDash is solving a problem many Events have about showcasing and persisting projects. It is time to use the gained expertise and build a new HackDash allowing more interesting ways to interact in Hackathons and other kind of events. My proposal is to rebuild HackDash getting contributors at day 0.


I created a Slack Team that I invite you to join in order to discuss everything about the development and key decisions in the making of this new version.

I also created the first 2 GitHub repos for the API and the Web Client. The only decision made, and an important one is the basic development stack. We’ll use Go for the main backend API, React + Redux for the Web client and Postgres as the main database. The rest is up to discussion.

See you in Slack!

last updated on 2020-08-27